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Issue 2001/1 - March
End of the Drachma
Ithaki & Schinoussa
Athens to Kalamata by Train
Walking in Southern Pindos
The Photo Shoot
Sponge Diving
Raki & Tsipouro
Dolmades Recipe
The Wall
Homer’s Odysseus
Language - Shopping
Music - Yiannis Parios
Issue 2001/2 - June
GreekFerries Update
Kefalonia & Halki
Travel Notes - Alonissos
Weddings in Greece
Words of Wisdom
Greek Yoghurt & Recipes
Tales of Greek Fishermen
Knights of St John
Legend of Narcissus
Language - Positions & Adverbs
Music - The Bouzouki
Issue 2001/3 - September
Noise Pollution
Parga & Around,
Northwest Crete
Trav/Notes - Cycladic Hols
New Airport - The Reality
Driving in Greece
Greek Vegetables, Briam
Visiting Greek Churches
British in Greece 1940-1
The Muses
Language - Driving
Music - Book & Dalaras
Issue 2001/4 - December
Ancient Nemean Games
Samos & Meganissi
Travel Notes -S.Peloponnese
- Skiathos
Last of the Summer Retsina
Corfu Seasons
2002 Moveable Holidays
Fish & Recipes
End of Minoan Civilisation
Minos & the Minotaur
Language - Time, More Nouns
Music - Eleftheria Arvanitaki
Issues Published 2001
Homer’s Odysseus (2001/1)
You will be amazed at the diversity of opinion.... I’d like to go with Ithaki as Homer’s birthplace and Pilikata as the site of Odysseus’ home.  When you have stood where Homer claims Odysseus could stand and see three seas and three mountains, you can feel the reality of a great poet and historian telling with pride of a local hero who had lived in his back-yard several hundred years before.
Getting to Grips with Greek Transport
...before I could get out I was met by a large throng of old ladies getting in, pilgrims dressed from head to foot in black, all pushing and muttering and very determined.  As they clambered in en masse, I was pushed further back into the bus....
Ancient Nemean Games (2001/4)
...Dressed in tunic and barefoot, you can feel the centuries as you walk through the 36-metre long tunnel still bearing ancient graffiti! ...It is an amazing experience to enter the track and place your toes in 2300 year old starting blocks.
Last of the Summer Retsina
For a number of years Harry and I, through bribery, subtle massaging of the truth and persuasion have managed to obtain week or even two week ‘passes’.  Frankly it’s more ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ than ‘Men Behaving Badly’.... We’ve covered a fair bit of ground together over the years, although we are still looking for the perfect Compo!

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Parga picture
Kefalonia picture
Transport sketch
Weddings - Orthodox & Civil (2001/2)
Lynne & I had been a couple for some years and although we had discussed marriage, we never seemed to do anything about it.  We both knew we wanted to marry in Greece. ... Tilos was definitiely the place for us.  On arrival we headed for the mayor’s office ... by this time the village was buzzing with news of our wedding. ... We were driven around the villages in our 3 vehicle convoy with lights flashing and horns blaring.
Captain Corelli’s Island
We were lucky enough to witness some of the filming whilst on Kefalonia.  ... Walking round the film set in Sami to get closer to the action ...

Parga & Around (2001/3)
Parga is pretty. The promenade is a great place to people watch.  Just to sit in a bar watching the Greek families volta up and down is better than any organised entertainment.
Driving in Greece
As an EU citizen you are entitled to drive your vehicle in Greece for up to six months in any calendar year if it is taxed and insured in the EU country where you are normally resident. ... The problem is that in the UK you need an annual MOT to get your Road Tax.

Plus Letters, Book Reviews & Music