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Issue 2000/1 - March
Parthenon Marbles
Milos  &  Karpathos
Travel Notebook - Kalymnos,
Lefkas & Meganissi
Cretan Plant Life
Colours of Greece
Greece by Motor Cycle
Greek Easter & Easter Food
Museum of Archaeology
Timetable of History
Curse on House of Atreus
Verbs Past & Future
Issue 2000/2 - June
Athens Miracle Metro
Pelion & Naxos
Seeing Stars in Greece
Cheese making
Tiropittakia & Spanakopittakia
The Greek People
 - Crete & Kalymnos
Rebirth of a Nation 1821-29
Centaurs - barbarians or ...
Competition for BBC Courses
Introductions & Subjunctive
Music of Ross Daly
Issue 2000/3 - September
Forest Fires, Ferry Takeovers
Corfu & Tilos
House Buying Update
Wines in Greece
The ‘Exo Fournos’, Stifado
Greek Name Days - part 1
Grecian Blues, Chairs
Golden Age of Greece
Dionysos -God of Wine
Greek Adjectives/What
Did You Say?
Cretan Dance Music
Issue 2000/4 - December
Athens New Airport
Igoumenitsa to Ioannina
Symi & Travel Notes
Medical Experiences
Horta & Recipes
My House - At Last
Greek Name Days - part 2
When Oracles Ruled
Advice for British Forces
Language - Irregular Verbs
Issues Published 2000
A Milosophile’s View (2000/1)
... So why do we prefer Milos to other Greek islands.  Well the clear waters and safe bathing are a definite plus, as also is its attraction for off beat visitors who wish to distance themselves from the tourist spots of Corfu, Crete & Rhodes...
Greek Easter
The first Easter I spent in Greece, I joined 3 generations of the family from whom I bought my house.  It was a ‘baptism’ into Greek festival ensuring an absorption into Greek ways ...  The food was abundant, the wine flowed and when the music commenced young and old got to their feet...
Athens Miracle Metro Extended (2000/2)
Among the modern-day miracles destined to improve life in one of Europe’s most congested cities - Athens - the recent opening of the new Metro system was probably most welcome. ... Another real bonus is that as 70,000 sq.mtrs under Athens were excavated, some 30,000 artefacts were uncovered.
Centaurs - barbarians or Ancient Lager Louts ?
...Not used to wine, its fragrance alone was enough to intoxicate the Centaurs. They cast aside the sour milk and proceeded to swill vast quantities, undiluted, until they made our modern-day lager louts look like a Sunday school outing...

Forest Fires Take Their Toll (2000/3)
This summer’s heat-waves in Greece have taken a devastating toll, both in loss of life, woodland, farmland and property destruction.  Early on Samos caught the world’s attention as its forests burned...
Grecian Blues
Anagyri: sitting on the beach. Revel in the blues of the spring Aegean.  How many shades of blue?  Count them. Try! ... On the last day, wait sadly ... entranced by Grecian blues for the last time ... they are laid outfrom the quay to the horizon.

Plus Book Reviews, Letters & Music
Symi - My Aegean Gem (2000/4)
The ‘SYMI 1’ tossed and lurched its way through an unusually choppy Aegean sea. The darkness and rain did little to encourage the weary passengers to weather the storm ... This was not the idyllic journey of a year ago when we had visited Symi for an hour or two and vowed to return to watch the world go by at a more leisurely pace...
Medical Experiences - When Disater Strikes
Finally, as she was experiencing severe pain in her broken arm, we called the doctor and a routine ECG was copied to Athens.  Minutes later we were in an ambulance heading for Rhodes hospital thirty miles away, where the intensive care team confirmed - a heart attack.

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