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Issues Published 1999
Issue 1999/1 - March
Greek Tourism from UK
Peloponnese - Epidavros to Leonidio, Tinos - Isterniou
Our Zillion Star Hotel
Cruising the Aegean
Food - Trachanas & Fassolatha
A Day in Village Life
The Election Poster
Pirates carry off King’s daughter
Mythological Creatures
Greek Greetings & Verbs
Issue 1999/2 - June
Tour Operator or Independent Travel?
Rhodes - the Best Bits & Syros
Buying a house in Greece
Walking in Zagoria
First Impressions of a Tourist
Food - Oregano & Chicken
Advice to travellers -Years ago
Understanding the Balkan Problem
Greek - Directions, Nouns,
Greek  for Computers
Issue 1999/3 - September
Competition Winners
Island Hopping - Piraeus
Kimolos & Paxos
Addicted to Greece
Foul Play - Poem
Food - Octopus & Courgettes
Traditions in Karpathos
Spiros’ New Roof
The Birth of Philosophy
Arion - The Boy on the Dolphin
Greek Numbers & Money, Verbs
Issue 1999/4 - December
Earthquake Zone
West Peloponnese & Sifnos
Travel Notebook
DIY Greek Style
Animal Welfare in Greece
Greek Wines in UK
Sifniot Chick Pea Balls
The Magic of Greek Dance
My Other Half - a Greek Fable
Olympia & the Olympic Games
The Story of Tantalus
Greek - Linkwords, Pronouns
‘Spiti Cook’ - My Greek Home (1999/2)
It’s said that people buy houses for many different reasons. ... one is that you just fall in love with it at first sight.  For me, after climbing over the two metre high gate on a rickety old ‘Greek’ ladder...
Back in London after a very exhausting but enjoyable time, we began to unfold the problems of my being the first Englishman to buy a house in Eressos...

Understanding the Balkan Problem
To understand the history of Greece over the last century and a half is to understand the eternal problem... The recent events in the Balkans have brought into sharp focus just how vulnerable the fledgling state of modern Greece must feel in the never ending turmoil of international politics and ethnic rivalries so close to its borders

Island Hopping from Piraeus (1999/3)
We easily found the Piraeus bus outside the charter airport - just 250 drs each...  The ticket offices were all open and competing for business when we arrived before 6am.  They have standardised fares so it makes little difference which one you go to, as long as they have the agency for all the routes. ...
Traditions & Feasting in Karpathos
...Aristethes and his son played bouzouki and everybody danced.  To my surprise, from amongst the swirling throng, someone called my name.  It was a grinning Vassilis, the taxi driver from Athens...

Plus Book Reviews, Letters & Music
West Peloponnese (1999/4)
Olympia obviously had to be fitted into our itinerary... For me the most impressive was the temple of Zeus.  Seeing the enormous sections of the outer columns tumbled like a stack of giant marble ‘tavli’ pieces, looking as if they had only fallen down yesterday, it was easy to imagine the original temple.

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Tinos, Isterniou
Spiti Cook
Karpathos Girl
Tinos - Ormos Isterniou (1999/1)
...It was a small rugged, village resort with just 2 tavernas at the waters edge.  We wandered around to get our bearings and decided here was the place to stay for a few quiet relaxing nights...  We chose our taverna (the one without the television on) and went in for a beer.  We were soon chatting with ...
Karpathos Celebration