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Each paperback book has 192 pages of (about 50) all new articles and anecdotes by and for Grecophiles


The Greek-o-Files are books of articles and anecdotes for those who love Greece, relish sea breezes or calm waters, sun, sand, shady tavernas for a cool lunchtime drink, strolling through springtime flowers or barren hills, exploring ancient sites or bustling Greek towns, relaxing with an ouzo, a leisurely evening dining and drinking in the atmosphere overlooking the sea, chatting with friendly Greeks ... and any or all those things that recreate the warmth of Greece when you think about them back home.




8 Greek-o-File Volumes (plus 1 special) published to date
All 8 paperback volumes available

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Volume 7
Nov 2008 & ebook 2011


Available only from Greek-o-File ‘Last of the Summer Retsina’ by Arthur Deeks - a special edition compilation of previously published articles from Magazines & volumes 1-7 with some new material, pictures and comments, from many readers’ favourite contributor. Great gift or sampler. First presented to Arthur & Harry at the Greek-o-File 10th Anniversary celebrations in Crete, May 2009 (88 pages, illustrated) £6 inc UK P&P (see short extract 1st published in Vol 6).
Reprinted including Vol 8 article - 96 pages, but now
“When we open your books we can smell the herbs, feel the sun on our backs and escape the rigours of a Scottish winter” Kenneth MacColl
“You’ve done it again! I started reading it immediately and it has been a big distraction today which is supposed to be my housework day - so I have to put the blame for dusty surfaces firmly at your door! ... An absolute treat to indulge myself and share experiences with so many like-minded people.”  Jenny Booth
“They are so interesting, in fact I’ve recently reread every copy and they come quite fresh again” Ron Hill
“As always, a fascinating and delightful read.  It just about keeps me going until the next visit to our second home in Kefalonia.”  Adrienne Jackson
“I took the book with me to the doctor’ surgery yesterday (usual waiting time hours and hours), but somehow I found myself in Greece and the time flew by.  It is a lovely way to visit Greece - a real pleasure.” Tony Brown
“Thank you for the interesting topics chosen.  We have found them very enjoyable, especially on a winter evening, thinking of where to go next in Greece.” Roy Pett
“Memories flood back on reading many of the stories” Derek Robson
Our latest book
The Greek-o-File
Volume 8
April 2010

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All books include a detailed index, magazines an annual index.  To look up places in articles or books reviewed across all Greek-o-File publications download spreadsheets INDEX of main PLACES  or  INDEX of BOOKS reviewed.

Greek-o-File Books & eBooks


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