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Published November 2007, The Greek-o-File  Volume  6
ISBN 978-0-9543593-5-5 Paperback
Available direct from Greek-o-File REDUCED TO £3 individually
plus p&p, or can be purchased through UK bookstores  £10.50 rrp.
Or just £10 for all 8 books, £6 for 4 Plus P&P
ALSO  reformatted as eBook in Mobi (for Kindle & Smartphones) or ePub (for Sony & iPad) formats - just £1.50 (or £5 for all 4 eBooks - vols 6, 7 & 8 & eRecipe book).  Supplied via email attachment.

Another entertaining and informative volume for lovers of Greece -
The Greek-o-File Vol 6 with 50 or so articles of NEW material from the editors and fellow Grecophiles.  Greek life experiences, advice and anecdotes, travel experiences and profiles, information on Greece and all things Greek, by and for people who love the real Greece and want to know more.
192 pages of illustrated articles in paperback format
The Greek-o-File Volume 6 contents include:
Reference Map
Life in Greece - Filoxenia - welcome to Greece, Please You Come Again, Tales of Greek Healthcare, Aeolus Harnessed & ‘Green’ Energy, It’ a Cats’ Life, Cautionary Tales for Drivers, Another Greek Paperchase, Island Bus Rides, Cricket in a Corner of a Foreign Land, It’ a Dogs’ Life, A Greek Interlude, Greece in England & Quiz

Travel Notes - main profiles & travel experiences in Lipsi, Agathonisi, Arki & Marathi, Kythos, Serifos, Sikinos, Koufonissi, Kastellorizo, Zakynthos, Aegina, Vonitsa,  plus anecdotes & articles set in many other parts of Greece :  Brief Encounters on Ithaca, Mediterranean Cruise Eclipsed, Morning Ferry, Exploring Inland, What Shall We Do Today, Big Mother is Watching You, Holidaying with Friends, Aegean Balcony

Food & Cooking - ‘Nothing’ to Drink, Greek Food for Health, Cooking for Theo, Recipes
History - The Lost Canal of Xerxes,   Lucian of Samosata, Peloponnese Castles 1686-1715, Ancient & Modern
Mythology - Ancient Gods Alive & Well Today, So Who Does Pay The Ferryman?
Language Difficulties,  Culture - A  Philhellene Welsh Poet,
Many Book Reviews, Music - Musical Coals to Newcastle & Recommendations
And Finally ... Promises Made & Broken
Travel & Other Contacts

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