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Published October 2005, The Greek-o-File  Vol 4
ISBN 0-9543593-3-X Paperback
Available direct from Greek-o-File REDUCED TO £3 individually
plus p&p or can be purchased through UK bookstores  £9.50 rrp.
Or just £10 for all 8 books, £6 for 4 Plus P&P

Another entertaining and informative volume for lovers of Greece
The Greek-o-File Vol 4 includes about 50 articles of NEW material from the editors and fellow Grecophiles.  Greek life experiences, advice and anecdotes, travel experiences and profiles, information on Greece and all things Greek, by and for people who love the real Greece and want to know more.
192 pages of illustrated articles in paperback format
The Greek-o-File Volume 4 contents include:
Reference Map
Life in Greece - Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, Ostriches & God, High Seas & Island Ferries, Orphan Kittens, A Plot in Greece & Catching Smoke (building in Greece experiences), Investing in Greek Property, Memories of Greeks, Donkey Work, Chapels Churches & cemeteries, Theophany, Summer of ’66, A Puppy for Christmas, Trees & Woods, Hitching & Other Gestures, Tales of Greek Customs

Travel Notes - main profiles & travel experiences in Paros, Leros, Santorini, Tinos, Southern West Crete, plus anecdotes & articles :
Size Matters (Skopelos, Kalymnos, Paxos, Halki, Kefalonia, Alonissos, Lesvos, Ikaria, Samos), Travels with a Baby (to Rhodes Lindos), Won Over by the Greeks (Rhodes & Corfu)
Last of Summer Retsina Tales (Pelion, Volos, Crete Makrigialos, Peloponnese Finikounda, Rhodes Lindos),
Trips with Greek Friends (N.Greece Stavroupoli & Toxotes + Athens & Evia Halkida & Karababa),  
Around Peloponnese in a Week, On the Piste (Skiing in Metsovo),
Motorcycle tour (West & South Mainland, Peloponnese), Spotty Legs & Ratty (Alonissos),
Who Goes Where in Crete (Tour operator chart),
Winter Musings (Parga & Lesvos) plus My Kitchen (Poem)

Food & Cooking - Ancient Wines, Natural Wine Making, A slippery Slant on Moussaka, The Taste of Greece back Home, Recipes - Spinach & Spring Bean omelette, Melitzanasalata, Marinated Gavros, Saganaki, Revithia Yiahni, Rizogala.
History - Christopher Columbus a Greek?, Gortys - A Tale of two Millenia
Mythology - Zeus & The Naming of Europe, Mythology in Modern Language
Language Difficulties - Signs, Menus & Anecdotes of problems for English & Greeks
Book Reviews
Events - Public Holiday Dates in Greece 2006 to 2008
Music - Homage to Vamvakaris & Recommended CDs
And Finally ... Yassou Spiti Cook
Travel & Other Contacts

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