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Published 1st November 2002, The Greek-o-File book Vol 1
ISBN 0-9543593-0-5 Paperback
Available direct from Greek-o-File REDUCED TO £3 individually
plus p&p or can be purchased through UK bookstores £8.50 rrp.
Or just £10 for all 8 books, £6 for 4 Plus P&P

Entertaining and informative, The Greek-o-File Vol I includes a bumper selection of all NEW material from the editors and fellow Grecophiles, a collection of travel profiles, personal experiences, information and real life anecdotes by and for people who love the real Greece and want to know more.
192 pages of illustrated articles in paperback format
The Greek-o-File Volume I contents include:
Travel Notes - Map of All Greece
 Poros, Lefkada, Ikaria profiles & detailed travel notes
 Mykonos, Delos & Rinia - Cycladic Sisters
 Samaria Gorge Crete, Peloponnese in Autumn  
 Hospitality - Just One More ...  
 No Problem - Be Prepared
 First Experiences - The Changing Face of Corfu
 First of the Summer Retsina (or Life before Harry)
 &   Snippets
Who Goes Where - Tour Operator Chart
Life in Greece - The Village Shop,  Work or Play
 Our Year on Symi,  Samos Personalities
 Komboloi - The Greek Worry Beads
 Creature in the Blue Lagoon
 Building Our Dream Home,
          Disaster & Dichotomy - a house fire & a wedding
 Summaries - Buying Property in Greece
&   Getting Married in Greece
From Sea Bed to Soft Sponge
The Essence of Crete
Greek Animal Welfare Fund, Wild Flowers in Spring

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