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Eresos Today
With 2 kilometers of sandy beach and rooms and tavernas nestling at one end, sun beds in just a small area after the last taverna and only one large hotel tastefully built to look like a small village away from the main resort - Skala Eresou (the beach or ‘steps’ of Eresos) is an ideal spot for the discerning tourist. ...
If you are feeling energetic, there’s a deserted beach known as Peresterea, just around the eastern corner - follow the donkey tracks across the hill behind Vigla (or take a pedalo out for a couple of hours to give yourself time to pedal round on a calm day).  There are no bars or shelter from the sun, so leave this one until the end of your holiday and remember to take a picnic and/or drinks........

Other Places in Western Lesvos - Mesotopos
With a lot of grant money from the European Union, the road from Eressos to Kalloni via Mesotopos and Agra is being improved. The Eresos to Mesotopos end was completed late 1999.  The drive from Eressos crosses beautiful hillside farmlands and then climbs around scenic hills to suddenly arrive overlooking Mesotopos  at an altitude of about 200 metres.  A plane tree covered platia at the end of a narrow street has a couple of tavernas where you can drink and rest in the shade to take in the lazy village atmosphere....

Andros “Why we are going back” - Subscriber story  
........“The tick list for our ideal holiday was undemanding.  We like the sun and wish to spend the days on a beach, this of course must be uncrowded.  In the evenings, we like to be amongst people and have a choice of  places to eat - inexpensive and with an interesting menu.  After a few days of lethargy the urge will overcome us to ‘do something’, sightseeing will do.....
“One of these trips took us to the island’s capital.  As the guide books had predicted, tourism was not the main preoccupation in Chora, but the aforementioned ‘rich Athenians’ were in evidence.  The old Venetian town was very pretty, with much renovation in progress to produce very up market holiday homes - definitely not for the tourist trade.... What  is certainly true is that the only English language newspaper I found in Chora was Lloyds Register of Shipping !....

Skala Eresos, Lesvos
History Column - Okhi Day
The casual visitor to Greece, or anyone who has not had the opportunity to read much about her history, would be forgiven for associating the name Metaxas with the rather pleasant Greek brandy.  .........  General Metaxas, however, holds a place in Greek history which is both revered and despised. ....  Even  had Metaxas been able to contact all the appropriate people ... there was only one possible response - “Okhi!”
Greek Food & Cooking
I love Greek food.  I love sampling it in Greek tavernas, reading Greek recipe books, creating my own variations on Greek recipes based on what is available, cooking Greek dishes for parties in England or for a special meal to remind us of Greece. ........

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