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The Greek-o-Files   -   Sample extracts from articles in Greek-o-File books (without illustrations) - hopefully these tasters give an idea of the style of the Greek-o-File contributions (each book has 192 pages of short anecdotes and full articles,1-10 pages each).  If you want to read more,  try a sample book first (eg Volume 2 for just £1, plus P&P).  We are a small independent ‘not-for-profit’ publisher and need to sell books to fund publication, website, etc.

Volume 8 - Greek Smiles Anecdote - Greek Medic to the Rescue by Rita Pierson
Shortly before we went to Greece my husband, Derek, tripped over and had a pretty bad graze on his knee. It was healing and forming a healthy looking scab when we went on holiday, so he was in and out of the sea on the basis that the salt water would do it good. At the end of a relaxing day on the beach, Derek was taking our rubbish to the litter bin when he tripped on the boardwalk. Picking himself up he found the scab had come off and he was bleeding profusely.
The guy who ran the little beach bar/taverna called over to him and said “You sit here - I fix for you. I was medic in Greek army.”
He went behind the bar and came back with a medical kit. He then cleaned Derek’s knee, put some brown gungy ointment on and then, unbelievably, took a cigarette, broke a piece off and proceeded to sprinkle the tobacco on to the open wound, finishing off with a large dressing. “Two/three days - fine!” he assured us.
He was right. The funny side of the story is that for the past 14 weeks Derek had been using Nicorette patches to help him stop smoking and this guy comes along and gives him tobacco intravenously!
Barbecue Blessing by Annette Jack
.....It was a very happy and joyful occasion and probably a year since some of the members of the Pollakis family had seen each other.  The exquisite church was beautifully decorated, as are all Greek Orthodox churches, but we didn’t need the wraps we brought to put over our shoulders as a gesture of respect, as this church was minute, the size of a dolls’ house, so we were not inside for the service. The priest blessed the bread, and made sure that we all had some - it was sweet and delicious.
After the service Pavlos kissed and hugged his relatives, and said that we were all invited to the barbecue. Although there was no sign of anything we just followed the others, and over a small hill, hidden from view from the church, was a hollow where lines of white plastic tables and chairs were set out - to seat at least 150 people!  .....
Great Great Grandfather’s Photos by Jane Maw Cornish
.... We realised these photographs were very early; the calotype process of printed photographs was invented in 1841 by Henry Fox Talbot, a second cousin of my great great grandfather. ...
... We were welcomed into the museum office of the Director of the Ephorate with the album and loose sheets. The album was opened. There were gasps of astonishment; within moments colleagues were called and were exclaim­ing like children opening Christmas stock­ings; as each page was turned there were cries of recognition, both of places they knew and of buildings now destroyed or lost.  Two pictures of old men in local cos­tume were of particular interest; they were both smoking clay pipes, one of which reached to the ground. Remains of such pipes have been found but never before had anyone seen them being smoked. It was obvious that these photos were important.  ...
(This one just had to have a photo sample too - see left - many more in book)  
Holidays Without Harry by Arthur Deeks
...Anyway acting on Harry’s advice and a few glasses of Mythos later ... (well the Last of the Summer Wine and The Archers do it all the time - keep the name and either change the actors or add charac­ters). I can’t claim to have recruited a Norah Batty-like character (in fact if I call her that I’m doomed), however it didn’t seem too inappropriate to take another look at one or two places I revisited with my ‘Norah Batty’ (a.k.a.Gloria) - wrinkled stockings, curlers, hairnet and apron were optional.  But she has promised to behave badly so that I have some­thing to write about - I wish!  .....
In 2008 Nydri (Νυδρί), on the Ionian island (just about) of Lefkas, a.k.a. Lefkada (Λευκάδα), was a ‘Hobson’s Choice’ last minute deal, and was taken despite pretty negative comments in the major tour guides. It was however fifteen years since I last went there, as I’m not madly keen on rub­bing shoulders with hearty, yachty types in case they ask me to go out on their boats. On arrival in the dawn light my heart sank, it did look a bit tatty, sprawly and deserted (which was hardly surprising as it was very early) but by evening it had really cheered up ... as had we. ....
The Honourable League of Pirates by Terry Cook
Ever since mankind learned the art of seafaring, there have been those who also took advantage of the superiority it afforded to plunder others less well-equipped and protected. Indeed, piracy has not been and is not today restricted to the high seas - almost every walk of life has its brigands who think nothing of using brutality and bullying to take from others instead of making or earning for themselves.
In the earliest days of Greek civilisation piracy was considered a profession - a means of production, perfectly acceptable, even hon­ourable, as long as it was conducted against neighbouring tribes. Pirates or ‘privateers’ were thus able to work for their own gain and also for the maintenance of the needy in their own community - they were the Robin Hoods of the ancient world. ......

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