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The Greek-o-Files   -   Sample extracts from articles in Greek-o-File books (without illustrations) - hopefully these tasters give an idea of the style of the Greek-o-File contributions (each book has 192 pages of short anecdotes and full articles,1-10 pages each).  If you want to read more,  try a sample book first (eg Volume 2 for just £1 + P&P).  We are a small independent ‘not-for-profit’ publisher and need to sell books to fund publication, website, etc.
Volume 6 - Filoxenia - Welcome to Greece
That’s What Friends are for by Jackie Bott ...... Fortunately, we were in a street where we have some Greek friends, so I went and knocked on their door to get help, apologising profusely for the late hour.  
Myrsini came to the door in her little yellow T-shirt top pyjamas, accompanied by her mother resplendent in full length nightgown, pink hairnet, and no teeth.  Myrsini awoke Philip, who came out clad from head to foot in paisley winceyette pyjamas, and asked me if Alan was drunk.  I said “No”, which was the truth, just that he’d fallen because of his bad hip.  Philip peered up the street, and we saw that Al was now back on his feet - thank God.  I apologised again and thanked them for their support.  They said  “No problem”.  .....
Aeolus Harnessed & Green Energy by Sylvia Cook
Ever since Homer wrote of Aeolus trapping the winds in a goatskin bag, Greeks have appreciated not only the power of the wind, but the advantages of harnessing that power.  
According to Homer, Aeolus was charged with looking after the winds by the gods, and could release them at will to help or hinder mankind.  Aeolus was later known as the god of the wind.  In the original story he also invented ships’ sails - the first real use of the power of the winds, exploited extensively in ancient and modern Greece.  Even today Greece is one of the most idyllic places to ‘catch the wind in your sails’ for novices and expert sailors alike.
Although the watermill was invented in Greece around 450BC, it seems the windmill took a little longer to arrive....
Brief Encounters on Ithaca by Arthur Deeks
It really wasn’t quite as I remembered it but then few things ever are and I had been away 2½ times longer than Odysseus.  The Cave of the Nymphs, for example, where on his return Odysseus was supposed to have stashed his prezzies from the Phaeacians, was so much smaller and scruffier.  I also didn’t remember all those bits of stalactites or ‘mites stuck all over the place outside.  Last time I was there our beloved retired headmaster leader made us all go in with flaming torches and read bits of Homer.  It also had a sad disused ticket office (as did the Palace of Alalkomenes which at the end of the day is only a bit of cyclopean wall) as if the circus had moved on.  Perhaps the recent challenging by scholars of the historical location of Odysseus’ legendary homeland had caused some uncertainty.  It’s a bit like saying Robin Hood didn’t come from Nottingham - which of course he didn’t!
Of course Ithaca is essentially as captivating as it ever was and in early May is particularly beautiful, green and with wild flowers in abundance, albeit a tad chilly in the evenings.  For Harry and me it became the island of brief, but always interesting, encounters and conversations. ......

Volume 7  - A Parallel Life by Tony Brown
There’s something indescribably reassuring about settling in behind a cold drink in a loveable, unassuming, no music, no games machines, no-nonsense workers’ bar like the spotless Kali Kardia taverna in Othos Fountalidou, just off the Othos Kazanzakis in the centre of Sitia, Crete.  The Kali Kardia (Good Heart) is a traditional taverna, not at all touristy, with streetside tables and chairs, friendly regulars, farmers, fishermen, wandering cats, a lazy old dog and the occasional nosy sparrow flitting in and out curious about the calm. Locals’ drinks are served with a meze of broad beans and olives or.....
Our Own Place in the Sun by Pauline Hinson
..... An hour later we had discussed our expectations and were ready to make the call to our estate agent, Chrisoula (or Chrissa), to express our offer.  Chrissa turned out to be our best asset in every capacity.  She later told us that Panayiotis had known we would buy the house because of the questions we asked on our visit, so our offer of the full price was no surprise to him.  She suggested a lawyer to us that she had been to school with and his father is the notary, so the paperwork went very smoothly - although our builder was a little put out that we had engaged a lawyer (it's a trust thing in Greece).  .....
It Was All Greek to Me by Fiona Collingwood
...... “Ioannina?” I asked a few times and did a thumbs up sign.
He seemed to understand as he smiled and patted my leg with his grimy callused hand.  As we drove the driver pointed at his chest and said “Yorgos”.
We in turn said our names, but the fact we had the same name threw him and he gave us a strange look.  The rest of the journey was in silence until we arrived at the outskirts of Ioannina.  I thought I heard Yorgos say the English word 'angels' and I was definitely sure he had winked at me.  I nudged Fi and told her.  She said I was imagining it, as he did not speak a word of English.
When we pulled off the road we realised that he had indeed said ‘angels’, as we were now in a car park looking at a scruffy pink building that above it had a billboard lit with neon lights.  The billboard showed three dancers, scantily dressed, doing the cancan.  We also noticed three flashing red X signs above the club door.
“Oh my God!” shrieked Fiona, “He thinks we are foreign lap dancers.” .....
More Extracts Vol 8

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