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The Greek-o-Files   -   Sample extracts from articles in Greek-o-File books (without the illustrations) - hopefully these tasters give an idea of the style of Greek-o-File contributions (each book has 192 pages of about 50 short anecdotes and full articles,1-10 pages each).  If you want to read more, buy our books (eg Trial Sample offer Volume 2 for just £1 plus P&P).  We are a small independent publisher and need to sell books to fund publication, website, etc.


Volume 1 :

Komboloi - The Greek Worry Beads by Terry Cook

For years Greek men have carried, flicked and swung their Komboloi, a string of ‘worry’ beads which they swirl around their hands or fiddle with their fingers. The habit is on the increase with young and old Greeks, taking comfort from the reassuring ‘clack’ as the beads rhythmically hit against each other.
The exact history of the Komboloi in Greece is not known for sure, but although modern komboloi have no religious significance, they almost certainly derived from prayer beads. ...


Poros Perambulation by Gerry Brown.

Even though it was mid September a booking was necessary on the Flying Dolphin from Piraeus. The fare was about €12.00 and the journey, in quite choppy seas, took just over an hour to the Saronic island of Poros.
It is only on arrival at Poros that the first time visitor begins to appreciate the geography of the area. To get an aerial geographical overview of the whole province an early visit to the Posidion restaurant/bar atop a mountain behind Kanali is recommended if only for this photo opportunity. ...


Volume 2 :

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Doug Goodman
I asked everyone how much a sheep should cost. No one seemed to know and the answers varied from ‘not much’ to ‘it all depends on the size of the flock’. All I could recall about the value of animals was that Welsh farmers were practically giving lambs away a year or so ago and that Indian cows are so sacred that if you collide with one it could be life threatening - your life that is, not the cow’s!
It all happened the day I had plenty of time to catch a plane home from the Greek island of Kefalonia and decided to take a long detour over the mountains to the airport - a very bad idea at the best of times. .....


The Manitaria Hunt by Sylvia Cook

It was mid October and the nights were getting cool. Nikos had been seen in the lower village square with two huge manitaria - found in the nearby hills. The first of the season. The children had been fed and Irini was back in the kafeneion to serve coffees, ouzos and beers to the few afternoon customers.
‘Do you want to come to find manitaria?’ Alekos asked us. He speaks good English but ‘manitaria’ are always manitaria not mushrooms. He always has his own secret places to look for manitaria and special kinds of ‘horta’ (wild greens) that only he knows. They all do.  ...


Volume 3 :

Cameos of Greece by Graeme Dakin

I have travelled to Greece many times for holidays in the last 20 years or so.  I have visited a wide range of islands and mainland resorts and have never been disappointed.  Friends and colleagues find this desire to return to the same country each year baffling and cannot understand why I have not been attracted to more exotic or fashionable destinations.

Just what is it that draws me back like a magnet to Greece each year ?

I recently spent a week on Crete in Almirida in the agricultural region of Apokoronas, close to Souda Bay, some 15 km east of Chania.  This proved to be a wonderful holiday including so many small cameos which illustrate the charm (and frustrations) of Greece and its people and largely answer the above question.  Chaos Works - Arriving at Chania along with several other flights to find a number of baggage carousels disgorging luggage but with no indication of which carousel related to which flight.  This is not unusual but illustrates what appears to be Greece’s wholehearted devotion to their own version of ‘the chaos theory’.  ...


Shop ‘Til You Drop by Janet Ellis

“Is that it? Only I can’t carry much more”, says Peter, who by now is carrying up to three bags in each hand, not to mention a full day-sac on his back.

We are on one of our shopping sprees, some 60 miles from home, in and around the Green Lanes area in North London.  Here I am able to indulge in a different type of retail therapy from the type most women are associated with.  The bags Peter is carrying are not full of shoes, clothes, make-up, etc but contain fruits, vegetables, meats and assorted groceries.  So why do we travel so far from home when there is a perfectly good supermarket nearby loaded with food?  ...


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