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The Greek-o-Files   -   Sample extracts from articles in Greek-o-File books (without illustrations) - hopefully these tasters give an idea of the style of the Greek-o-File contributions (each book has 192 pages of short anecdotes and full articles,1-10 pages each).  If you want to read more, then buy a sample book (eg Volume 2 for just £1, plus P&P).  We are a small independent publisher and need to sell more books to fund publication, website, etc.

Volume 4

Orphan Kittens by Sylvia Cook
... We first met Pippa & Squeak soon after their eyes opened.  Margy was worried about their future so I found myself volunteering to take them on for the remaining 11 weeks of our stay. ... They were still very tiny at 3 weeks old when they arrived in their cardboard box.  They had been introduced to cat litter so we made them a new bigger box with en-suite toilet. ... I wondered if they would ever learn to eat for themselves.  Finally a breakthrough on the day they were 6 weeks old - Pippa started lapping at the milk I’d been putting in their small (soap box) dish.  Squeak joined in a few days later. ...

Leros, Island of Artemis by Anne Buchanan
... Our first few visits to the island had us believing that little happened in the way of nightlife. We were under the impression that the whole island shut down around 10.30pm, the time we usually strolled back from a delicious dinner at one of the many beachside tavernas.  The whole pace of life in Leros was slow and laid back, so much so that the days just seemed to drift by and the peace and calming effect was magnetic to us. ...

Language Difficulties by Janet Rodwell
... As other readers have pointed out, it’s not all one-sided.  In Sarando’s kafeneion in Anaxos Lesvos I tried to tell them about my mule trek that day.  I couldn’t get my tongue round a way to say mule-trekking and tried to tell them, much to their amusement, that I had been riding a mule ... or so I thought.  Moulari is Greek for mule, but I told them I had been riding on a lettuce (marouli in Greek)!

Volume 5

Random Memories of Greeks by Tony Brown
... After the first week in Aghios Ioannis, Pelion we became very friendly with the family that ran the mini market next door to our hotel.  One day I was walking along the promenade when I caught up with the ‘yiayia’ who was steering a pushchair containing the very new grandson.  
Suddenly her mobile started whining and, unable to work it with one hand, she passed me the pushchair in panic and signalled for me to keep up as she marched along chattering away.  It wasn’t long before she was deep in conversation and I was some way behind, left holding the baby - but feeling very honoured. ...

Greek Property Legislation Update by Sylvia Cook
... Most of the changes depend on whether the date of the construction licence for new property or the last property transfer was before or after 1st January 2006.  ...
For subsequent sale and purchase transactions the seller will pay Capital Gains Tax on profits and the purchaser a 1% Transaction Duty (based on the Objective Value), OR if it is a new build property 19% VAT.  ...

Sappho’s Vintage by Miles Lambert-Gocs
Say Lesvos, say ouzo.  That is how closely the two are associated in the Greek mind, and in that of many a visitor to Greece, too.  Nobody’s thoughts run to wine.  Well, almost nobody.  Dimitris Lambrou and his son Yannis are thinking about it constantly at the family winery in Hidira and have their sights on overcoming the ouzo connection and putting Lesvos back on the wine map with their dry red under the Methymneos label.  ....

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