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Greek-o-File 10th Anniversary Celebration (Background)

Autumn 2008 was the 10th Anniversary of Greek-o-File publications.  We started planning before, but left our regular jobs in Spring 1998, set off on our first research trip, spent the summer writing, making contacts, etc. and sold our first Introductory Issue of the Greek-o-File magazine in Autumn 1998.  We may not have achieved the level of success hoped for (or even minimum wage), but 15 magazines and 7 books later (Vol 8 since), over 2,800 people had bought something from us, well over 10,000 Greek-o-File books (Volumes 1-7) were in circulation and we continue to receive letters of gratitude and encouragement
... It had to be celebrated!

On Saturday 9th May 2009 we really enjoyed the party at Taverna ‘O Platanos’ in the village of Armeni, 3km inland from Kalyves in NW Crete. A traditional Greek/Cretan night with food, drinks, music and dancing for Greek-o-File readers and contributors.  About 20 stayed in or near Kalyves where we met informally some evenings, some went for a walk together and a trip to Aptera  & 55 made it to the Greek night on 9th May 2009.


QUICK REPORT: As a thank you for his significant and well loved contributions, a surprise presentation to Arthur Deeks at the party on 9th May 2009 was a special edition of his own book - ‘Last of the Summer Retsina’ compiled from his articles previously published in Greek-o-File magazines & books with some unpublished material, introduction and comments.

The 88 page, limited ‘Print on Demand’ special edition was £6 including UK P&P.  
Four short run prints inc Vol 8 articles (96 pages) ALL SOLD OUT

Meeting up with Arthur & Harry after many years of communicating over articles was one of the highlights of the week in Kalyves, as was meeting all the other contributors & regular subscribers who came along - a real ‘fellowship’ of Grecophiles !


After the success of our 10th anniversary get together in Crete in May 2009 (see below) many requested another.  The second meet was at Skala Polichnitou, Lesvos centred on events 6-8th June 2010 but several stayed 7 or 14 days.  It was enjoyed by all, as was the third (a smaller more intimate group) in June 2011, based in Skala Polichnitou again. Some regulars came back June 2012 for a special party.






Greek-o-File Get Togethers


Polichnitos and the area between the gulfs of Lesvos are ‘real Greece’ - a fabulous area for Grecophiles to explore or relax. Spend lazy days by the sea and working fishing harbour of Skala Polichnitou, or nearby Nifida, Vatera, Skamnioudi, Ag Fokas, go for walks ‘on the flat’ or inland over gentle hills to villages and spas, or explore further eg. inland Agiasos &  Mt Olymbos or Plomari on the south coast.   Arrange your own accommodation for a few nights,  a week or more.  Book flight only, or a package holiday to another part of the island and pop over for a few days and nights.  Main resort holidays available from UK package tour operators at Skala Kalloni (nearest in the centre of the island 35-40 mins by car),  
Molyvos, Petra & Anaxos in the North East.