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To purchase direct from Greek-o-File at these SPECIAL OFFER PRICES, PRINT this page, fill in & POST  to Sylvia Cook, Greek-o-File, 29 Littlejohn Avenue, Melksham, Wilts SN12 7AW,  UK  with cheque,  payable to ‘S Cook’
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On PayPal enter short description, total price,click update then add payment details.
Please send me the items below.  I enclose my  UK cheque payable to Greek-o-File (or postal order GBP sterling):
Greek-o-File paperback books   Add P&P for number of books ordered

 ___ £1    TRIAL SAMPLE OFFER - The Greek-o-File Volume 2 (RRP £9.50)
 ___ £10   OFFER PRICE - ALL 8 Greek-o-File Volumes 1-8 (TOTAL RRPs = £79 !)
 ___ £6  for 4 BOOKS choose from Vols 1-8  __V1, __V2, __V3, __V4, __V5, __V6, __V7, __ V8 (tick 4)
 ___ £3 each Greek-o-File volumes 1, 3- 8 purchased individually (RRPs £8.50-10.50)    
       Tick volume(s) required @ £3 each   __V1, __V3, __V4, __V5, __V6, __V7, __V8        
TOTAL for BOOKS  £____
PLUS Post & Packing - ADD P&P for above BOOKS - UK only
 ___ £1.80 for 1 book, £2.40 for 2 books, £3.70 for 3-8 books to UK addresses (same price 501g - 2kg)
+£1.60 optional ‘signed for’ UK postage.(no extra for standard 2nd class post, proof of posting)

Overseas P&P - (expensive - probably not worth it!)
Contact  Greek-o-File with requirement details and pay method to calculate actual cost.
PLUS Books Post & Packing  £____

 EBooks   - supplied via email for you to transfer to your e-reader - no VAT or delivery charge
    Greek-o-File books revised & reformatted for eBook readers & PC
 ___ £1.50 each - The Greek-o-Files   __ Vol 8,  __Vol 7,  __Vol 6 eBooks
 ___ £1.50 The Greek-o-File eRecipe Book 100 recipes, food & drink articles from all magazines & all books 1998-2010
 ___ £5 OFFER PRICE for all 4 - Greek-o-File eBooks (V6, 7 & 8) and  eRecipe Book
          specify eBook format required   __ePUB (eg Sony),  __Mobi (eg Kindle)                         
TOTAL for eBOOKS  £____

 Greek-o-File Magazine Back Issues   to fit your own A4 file
- contact Greek-o-File to confirm availability (limited stocks of some individual magazines)       
 ___ £18 UK ONLY  - ALL 15 loose leaf magazines (Intro + 1999-2002) PLUS UK P&P

PLUS Post & Packing - ADD P&P for Magazines - UK only
 ___ £3.70 for all 15 magazines to UK addresses  - sent in separate pack even when ordered with books
 ___ +£1.60 optional ‘signed for’ UK postage (no extra for standard 2nd class post, proof of posting)


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We look forward to welcoming you to Greek-o-File
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